Top 6 online casino jackpots of all time

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Can you imagine the excitement and happiness of people winning a jackpot with amount that will forever change their lives? Yes, you are right, this doesn’t happen every day, but sometimes it does and there are many lucky players who know what it feels like to win big. Read the amazing stories about some of the most impressive wins in the online gaming history.

6. Progressive Jackpot of $8.2m won on a Mobile Device

The largest progressive jackpot ever won on a mobile device was hit on 28th of August, 2016. The winner chose to remain anonymous. We don’t know where the mysterious player lives or what his or her name and age is. The only thing we know is that this person was playing a popular Mega Moolah Mobile by Microgaming on iPad at the Zodiac Casino under the nickname D.P., when the impressive jackpot of $8.82 million was hit. D. P. was signed up to the casino’s program “80 Chances to Become a Millionaire”, which means that the fortunate player could bet only a small amount like 1 £/$/€ and still managed to win the big money. What a lucky guy!

5. Largest Progressive Jackpot Won on a Mobile Device

Mega Moolah slot powered by Microgaming is a very popular game, especially amongst the players who hope for big wins. The slot gives a lot of fun but what is most important, it’s very rewarding. Sometimes it is called “The Millionaire Maker” and no wonder why! The game was especially generous to one fortunate Tipico Mobile Casino user in April 2017. The lucky player crushed the record from 2016 by winning Mega Moolah’s largest-ever mobile payout in amount of $9.22 million. The winner didn’t want to reveal his identity. We only know that her or his bet per spin was as high as $7.2. And we must say that his investment paid off!

4. $9.57 Million go to Sweden

Mega Fortune slot by Net Entertainment is surely a game worthy of its name. With numerous wins and big jackpots it has made many players happy over the years. However, Alexander from Sweden is for sure one of the happiest ones. On November 28 in 2015 at Folkeautomaten, young Scandinavian scored one of the highest wins. The lucky player was only 30 years old when he hit the jackpot of $9.57 million (€8.57 million). In the first moments after winning, he couldn’t even speak. When he recovered from shock, he ran to the bedroom where his wife was sleeping, he woke her up and they celebrated together. And what did he decide to do with the money? Alexander was happy that he could finally pay his mortgage and give himself some nice present such as exotic holidays or a new car.

3. Insomniac hits Guinness World Record Win

A sleepless night can be a big problem, especially if you have to go to work the next morning. However, bad sleeping habits proved to be profitable for a young man from Norway. His decision to skip a good sleep and play a few games at online casino company didn’t cost him his career. In fact, now he just doesn’t have to care about it anymore. When young Norwegian couldn’t get a decent sleep at the night of 24th of September 2011, instead of counting sheep, he decided to get out of his bed and try his luck. Later that night, when he won $13.47 million (€11,736,375), he realised that it was the best decision he had ever made. After winning the largest ever jackpot payout, he couldn’t sleep at all. He was awake till 6:00 am in the morning recovering from a big shock and wondering what he would do with all the money.

2. UK soldier hits $17.2 Million jackpot

Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot is probably one of the most generous games that one can play. Jonathon Heywood from Cheshire in the United Kingdom proved this right once again, when he broke the record by hitting an impressive jackpot of $17.2 million (£13.2 million) on 6th of October, 2015. The British soldier was only 26 years old when he placed a bet of 25p per spin at Betway casino and walked away as millionaire. When he won, it seemed so unreal to him, that he just couldn’t believe it had really happened. He didn’t spend his fortune on expensive cars or houses as many other winners did. His father was sick and he used most of his money to pay for his treatment. Betway casino representative as well as Microgaming’s CEO Roger Raatgever both congratulated the lucky winner.

1. Finn wins World Record in Slot Machine

What would you do if you won 24 million dollars? Would you laugh or cry out of your happiness? When this happened to one lucky man from Finland, he did both. He will always remember the cold day of January 20 in 2013 as a very blessed day. When the Finnish fortunate in his 40s decided to bet his 25 cents on the progressive jackpot slot Mega Fortune operated by Net Entertainment, he surely didn’t expect to get back 24 million dollars (€17,861,800)! And this is exactly what happened on online casino gaming site PAF that is located in Scandinavia. Winning was a big surprise for him, it was a dream that unexpectedly came true.

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