French Roulette

French Roulette is one of the most popular versions of the online roulette game because it offers the lowest house edge – only 1.35%. It has just a single zero so the probability of winning stays the same as with the European roulette – 1 out of 37. Although it shares many similarities to the other versions of roulette it still has its own distinctive features such as some certain rules or a unique table layout. Since the French roulette has no disadvantages we highly recommend it to all kinds of casino players.


La Partage

The reason the house edge is lower than with the European or American roulette is the rule known as La Partage. When you make an outside bet (odd/even or red/black bets or any other bets paying 1:1) and the ball lands in the green slot (zero), half of your bets are returned back to you. Over a long session of playing the La Partage rule in online French Roulette can make the difference that puts you ahead over the long run.

En Prison

The En Prison Rule comes into effect when the ball lands on the zero and you have placed an even money bet such as red-black. In this situation the bet is held ‘en prison’ and is carried over to the next spin. If the bet goes on to win, your original stake is returned. If it loses, well, you lose it. And if it is another zero the bet carries on again. Whilst you’ll not find it too difficult to find it in a brick casino, not many online casinos offer it.

Roulette dictionary

Another thing you might notice about the online French Roulette table is that it is in French. This, however, is no problem as it often contains English translations. Here are the expressions you can find there:

Manque – Numbers 1 to 18.
Passe – Numbers 19 to 36.
Rouge – All Red numbers.
Noir – All Black numbers.
Premier Douzaine – 1st dozen numbers 1 to 12.
Moyenne Douzaine – 2nd dozen numbers 13 to 24.
Dernière Douzaine – 3rd dozen numbers 25 to 36.

Tips For Playing French Roulette

You should always play with stakes levels your bankroll can comfortably afford as you do not want to end the session quickly playing for stakes that are too high. Below you will find several French Roulette playing tips, which will hopefully increase your winning chances, or at least allow you to enjoy playing the game for longer!

– In order to take advantage of the ‘La Partage’ rule place outside bets

– Playing for lower stakes

– Join the casino’s loyalty programmes or look out for special bonuses and promotions to gain extra credit when playing for real money

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