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The famous game of bingo is popular among many players all around the world. These days it’s also possible to play it in a number of online casinos. To start playing bingo online, just choose an internet casino where it’s available, register and put in an initial bank. The advantages of online bingo are foremost in the anonymity of the game and also that players can play from wherever they want, all they need is an internet connection. Try the magic of online bingo for the opportunity of winning truly high jackpots.

The history of bingo

A game similar to Bingo was already being played in Old China. When a new lottery game called Lo Giuoco del Lotto appeared in Italy in the 16th century, Bingo was also played there along with other games. Bingo got its current identity at the beginning of the 19th century in Germany. Within a few years it became very popular and famous all around the world. The European version of Bingo was played with only one card and it had 3 horizontal and 9 vertical rows. The horizontal rows were divided into 5 squares with numbers and 4 empty squares. The vertical rows were put together in the following way: The 1st row had numbers 1 to 10, the 2nd row had 11 to 20, etc. The last row finished with the numbers 81 to 90. Bingo would be played using wooden tokens with the numbers 1 to 90.

The decade of the 1930’s was marked by the Great Depression, however this crisis had rather positive effects on Bingo. People were desperate to have fun and to cheer up from the hard times and therefore many looked for distraction through various gambling games. After a while, an American named Edwin S. Lowe changed the original name of “beano” into “bingo” because he thought it was easier to pronounce and easier to remember. Together with the mathematician Carl Leffler they topped up the number of combinations to what we know today.

What makes this game unique is that it started to spread enormously and was even played out of the casinos. Because all casinos were illegal during this time, Bingo was played in various clubs, and it’s mainly thanks to this that it became so popular.

Halfway through the 1920s Bingo was eventually legalised across all states in the USA. It was justified by the fact that Bingo wasn’t a hazardous game and also because it was so popular that it would be impossible to ban it. The legalization of Bingo in England happened around 1960 and by a few years later it was legal in many of the other Commonwealth states. These days Bingo is legal in almost all European countries.

The rules of online bingo

Online bingo has very easy rules that are easy for anybody to learn. Various internet casinos offer numerous variations of this game but the principle always stays the same. Each player gets a card with 25 squares (5 by 5 squares) at the beginning of the game. There’s a number on each square and all of the cards are original. It means that each player has a card with different numbers. The caller draws numbered balls from a drawing drum and the players compare them with the numbers stated on their card. The winner is the person who puts together a certain pattern from these numbers and calls out “bingo”.

Types of online bingo

There are two most frequent types of bingo. The first one is classic bingo with 75 balls, a board with 5×5 squares and one free square; and then there’s bingo with 90 balls with a board with 9×3 squares. The bingo with 90 balls is very often played in 3 steps of 9 (one row, two rows, then full house). First step one row – the player must fill the whole of one row with 5 numbers. Second step two rows – the player fills in 2 rows with 10 numbers. Third step full house – the player must fill all the rows with 75 balls.

Strategies for online bingo

Auto-daub function

This function will automatically mark the draw numbers on the player’s card. Thanks to this function the player never makes a mistake.

To play with more cards

Even though it is more expensive, it’s profitable to play with more than one card. The more cards a player’s got, the higher the chances of winning the jackpot.

To play with different cards

The players who play with more than one card should choose such cards that have different numbers. They will cover more numbers that way and they will have a bigger chance of winning.

The method of number concentration

This is the complete opposite of what was recommended above. It means that the player who plays with more cards, will choose cards with similar numbers. That will result in the fact that if he or she wins, he or she may win double or triple the amount.

Only a few players at the table

The smaller the number of players at the table the smaller the winnings, but on the other hand they have a greater chance of winning. Many experienced players play bingo only if there is small number of players at the table to increase their chances.

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