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Craps (or dice) is a very popular game not only in real casinos but also online. In online casinos, players can play in the comfort of their homes completely anonymously. Do you want to know more about this brilliant game? Players can also try craps online for free in many of the large number of online casinos, which is their advantage, as this possibility doesn’t exist anywhere else.

History of craps

Craps games started to appear as far back in history as the time of old Egypt. They achieved great popularity during the age of the Roman Empire, to which Caesar’s famous words as he crossed the border of Rubicon “Alea iacta est” or “The die is cast” can attest. At that time, almost everybody played dice, from the poorest people to the Emperor, but the game’s huge popularity gradually became a big problem and so it was eventually made illegal.

In Medieval times, craps games were considered very dangerous, which eventually gave rise to the modern definition of the term hazard, a word derived from the Arabic al-zahr which literally means “the dice”.

Still, this didn’t stop dice games becoming ever more popular and spreading all over the globe, despite being illegal in some places. Significant alterations to the game occurred in the 19th century. Americans considered the classic European craps game to be too difficult and so they altered the game to suit them. They created their own rules which are still applied and adhered to in the present day. The new rules came about thanks to John H. Winn who noticed that many people didn’t play because they couldn’t play against each other. Therefore in 1907 he designed the modern craps playing table. Another improvement he introduced was the possibility to bet on the combined sum of two dice thrown, or on whether the same number would land on both dice.

The first half of the 20th century is literally a renaissance for craps. The popularity of gambling is rising and players are trying anything available, including craps. The actual dice are small, compact and the game isn’t time consuming, therefore it’s often played on war fronts and battleships.

These days, craps is played in all real and online casinos around the world. It’s possible to win lots of money, and at the same time the rules are very easy. These are the reasons why craps is still so popular after so many centuries.

Craps rules and vocabulary

Classic craps and online craps have very easy rules. The only unwritten rule is to remember all the types of bets. 2-4 players play with 5 dice, there are 3 rounds in each game. The players stand by the playing table and one of them throws the dice, while the rest bet on how much the thrown sum will or won’t be. All the bets must be finished before the dice are thrown.

Come out roll – the initial throw

The first throw before any bets can be done, otherwise they wouldn’t be valid.

Pass line

The bets that win if 7 or 11 lands. If 2, 3 or 12 lands it means a loss. But if the number is different, the number becomes a point. The point means that pass line bets win if the point falls before the number 7, and the contrary, that if the number 7 falls before, then pass line bets lose.

Don’t pass line

The opposite of the pass line. A tie occurs if the dice land on 12, then the bet goes back to the players. If 2 or 3 lands then “Don’t pass line” bets win, but if a 7 or 11 lands, they lose. Nothing happens if the numbers 4, 5,6,8,9 or 10 land, and the game continues. Before the second throw the bets can be lowered.

Come bets

This type of bet is almost identical to the pass line. The only difference is that bets on “come bets” are valid only in the one given round.

Don’t come bets

Is another type of bet that’s very similar to the “don’t pass line” and the complete opposite of “come bets”.

Tips to play online craps:

1. learn the rules and principles 100%
2. set yourself goals and limits
3. determine correct bets
4. always stay calm
5. learn to throw the dice correctly
6. no alcohol!
7. learn from experienced players

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