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Keno is a very popular game in many casinos all over the world. It’s also currently gaining many followers in live online casinos. Keno is a comfortable and primarily anonymous game in online casinos. Players must have a pen and paper to mark their numbers, and then it’s just a case of sitting in the comfort of their own home in peace, and watching to see whether they’ve won. Classic online casinos on the other hand feature various online Keno machines with a table and numbers that the players mark by clicking on them. The main advantages of Keno are the high jackpots that can be won, as well as the fact that it’s based primarily on luck, which is, for many players, ideal.

Keno is one of the first ever lottery games, originating in China around 2 thousand years ago. It reached the peak of its popularity during the building of the Great Wall of China. Keno in its modern form began to appear in many casinos towards the end of the 19th century. These days it’s possible to find Keno in almost all the world’s casinos and national lotteries.

Keno rules

Keno is a relatively new online game in India, but it’s gradually acquiring more and more fans. What are the rules of Keno, and what are the probabilities and so on? We’ll explain it all carefully in this article.

At the beginning of each game the player gets a card with 80 numbers. 20 numbers are drawn in each round and the player’s task is to guess as many numbers from the draw as possible. All the drawn numbers are chosen completely by chance by a computer and the player randomly chooses and marks numbers, most frequently in the range of 1 to 10 (the numbers that he/she thinks will be drawn). The player can always choose whether he chooses 1 number, 5 numbers or all 10 numbers. The player can also choose a random number generating button, or “Automatic Deal 10 Numbers” which means that the computer will automatically choose 10 numbers at random.

Once players choose and mark their numbers, they must decide how much to bet. Online casinos usually offer the choice of betting 1$, 3$ or 5$. Finally, the player will choose how many games he or she wants to play, and again there are three possibilities: 1 game (“Play one”), 5 games (“Play five”) and 10 games (“Play ten”). The player sees the current situation on the left hand side of the screen after every game. Then there is one more option, the “Repeat Bet”, which allows the player to play the next round with the same numbers.

Strategies and tips

Even though Keno is based on chance and luck, it’s important to make use of the strategies and tips of more experienced players. You can help improve the outcome to a certain extent and secure a greater chance of winning.

  • Choose numbers that weren’t as frequent in previous rounds
  • Select numbers that follow each other (for example 9, 10 or 42, 43 and so on)
  • It’s good to bet on the same numbers a few times round
  • Bet on your lucky numbers
  • Think about your bets
  • No alcohol, it’s important to have clear head
  • If a casino offers a Progressive Game, make use of it


Myths and Tales, or what’s not true

There are many tales being told about Keno that aren’t true. Let’s disprove them.

A widely spread myth is that Keno is one of the worst gambling games in casinos. This statement is based mainly on the fact that the entire game is based on luck. But the players that don’t know the rules of other games and are lucky in gaming in general, are exactly the kind of players for whom is Keno ideal. And there are definitely many such players.

Another tale is that there are no relevant strategies in Keno. Purposely try our tricks as mentioned above, and you’ll see that the chance of winning won’t make you wait for long.

Players often believe that there are times when the online games won’t give out a single win, and other times when it’s constantly giving. Only a few people realise that every game has a generator of random numbers installed which ensures that all the drawn numbers are truly random.

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