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Scratch cards have been a very popular form of entertainment in India for many years. Almost everybody’s bought a scratch card costing just a few pennies and tried their luck at some point. The biggest advantage of scratch cards is that they’re cheap to buy and also that the players find out immediately whether they’ve won or not without having to wait several days for a draw. Their popularity is also due to the fact that the player doesn’t need to know any tricks or strategies. It’s also possible to play scratch cards via the internet these days, a method that’s becoming increasingly popular.

Classic scratch cards

Classic scratch cards are commonly made out of thick paper or card and on their surface is a thin layer that’s easy to scratch off with a coin or nail. Scratching this surface reveals whether or not the card is a winner.

All scratch cards are different and therefore the way the prizes are won is different too. With some scratch cards it’s necessary to scratch all the surface to find out if some of the fields are the same. In others, the player can choose just some fields to scratch. Sometimes it’s even necessary to solve a riddle and only then do you find out which fields to scratch.

Scratch card designs and themes also vary greatly, for example transport, sport, seasons, animals, flowers and many more.

Online scratch cards

As technology has progressed, scratch cards have also spread onto the internet. The popularity of online scratch cards is constantly growing because they look the same as the classic paper ones but it’s possible to virtually ‘scratch’ them on the computer and on the phone. These scratch cards also come in countless varieties and, significantly, they offer really high prizes reaching millions.

It’s possible to try online scratch cards for free in many online casinos so there’s no danger of losing money. If the player then likes some of the scratch cards, he/she can start playing for real money and, with a bit of luck, win a load of money.

Internet scratch cards have become very popular in recent times as can be proved by the many positive reviews that appear on the internet daily. For most players it’s a form of rest and relaxation because there’s no need to think hard. Try them for yourself to be convinced of the truth of our words.

History of scratch cards

The history of scratch cards is long, appearing in India for the first time more than 30 years ago. They were sold as a test first because no one believed that anybody would buy them. To everyone’s great surprise they became very popular in a short period of time and even small children wanted to scratch the little cards.

Scratch cards have been available in many places, in various designs and with many prize ranges for years. Finally, a few years ago a smart person had the great idea to try scratch cards as an online game, which proved to be a very clever move. You can find various types of online scratch cards in almost any casinos and their popularity is rising.

Security of online scratch cards

In order to stay secure when buying internet scratch cards it’s important to follow the most basic rule: that is to choose a branded and tested online casino. If a player chooses such a casino then he / she can be 100% sure that the whole experience will be completely fair and safe.

Why play scratch cards online?

• the possibility to play for free
• minimal expenses
• high winnings
• no strategies and easy rules
• they’re always available directly on the computer
• the player immediately knows the result
• It’s possible to scratch them day or night

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