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Video poker is currently one of the most liked games in online casinos. Its popularity is mainly due to the fact that the rules are very easy and there’s a big chance of winning. In some cases and in certain conditions video poker can be almost disadvantageous and unprofitable for online casinos. Video poker started from interconnection of slot machines and classic poker. According to statistics, the chance to win in video poker can be up to 98% which in and of itself is quite a big motivation to play it.

How to start playing Video Poker?

The players who want to play video poker have to register in one of the many online casinos and then deposit a certain amount to their newly created players account. Then it’s just a case of choosing one of the variety of video poker games on offer and starting a game.

History of video poker

The first references to video poker appeared in the 1970s. It was at a time when the first computers started emerging. Historically, the first ever video poker game – called Poker-Matic – was introduced in 1970, but people didn’t trust it so it wasn’t played a lot.

Then in 1979 another slot machine that worked on the same principle appeared but with a new, more modern appearance where it was possible to play draw poker and video poker. This machine became very popular and it started to spread, slowly but surely, into all casinos around the world.

In the 90s the internet developed greatly and casino owners used this opportunity to move gambling games and video poker online. All this culminated in a real boom for online gambling games, a situation that has remained the same until today. The video machines are to be found in most of today’s online casinos in many forms and varieties, and they’re just as popular as they were at the beginning.

Video Poker rules

Video poker rules are easy. If a person knows at least the basic rules of classic poker then they won’t have any problem with video poker. Each of the players receive 5 cards, and the game starts like in classic poker where it’s possible to exchange the cards for new ones, once or many times during the game.
The only difference between classic and video poker is that the players aren’t together at one table but all is played from the comfort of the home on a computer screen.

There is a difference between video poker and online poker. Online poker is classic poker that is played on internet in real time against real people. The most common varieties are Texas Hold’em, Omaha, or Stud. On the other hand, video poker is played against an online casino and not against real players.

Video poker variations

1. Jacks or Better

The basis of the most popular version of video poker is to play with the maximum amount of tokens – which is with 5 tokens – to reach the maximum winnings possible. The players’ goal is to build a “poker list” made up of 5 cards and containing a combination starting on a pair of jacks and finishing with the Royal Flush.

How is it played?

Firstly, the players bet and then they receive 5 cards. Now it’s up to the player to choose which cards to keep and which to put aside. According to the number of cards that are put aside the player receives new cards and from that the final poker list is created. The winnings are decided from the value of the poker list and if the player wins then he/she can double the winnings up to the amount of 2000 tokens.

2. Tens or Better

The video game Tens or Better has similar rules to Jacks or Better. The player’s task is to build a poker list that contains 5 cards by means of 1 list. This poker list must have a minimum of several tens or another good combination.

3. All American

One of the most popular variations of video poker is All American that has the classic rules of card combination. The game is played with one pack of cards that are continuously mixed after each combination. Apart from the classic combinations in the All American video poker game it’s possible to use one special combination: Jacks or better.

4. Double Bonus Poker

Double Bonus Poker is a classic video poker game that’s played according to the usual rules. The player first makes a bet, then he/she receives 5 cards that can, depending on his/her wish, either be put aside or kept. The speciality of this game is that the player can choose the number of cards to play with (1, 5, 13 or 25).

Why try video poker?

• high and real chances of winning
• gaming from the comfort of your own home
• for speed, relaxation, excitement, or to rest
• easy rules
• the opportunity to try video poker for free first
• minimum risk
• high security
• no tip to the croupier necessary

Myths and tales about video poker

• the best one wins the most
• to win I have to be a mathematical genius
• poker is just for young and rich men
• women can never be successful at poker
• there are many tricks and tricksters in video poker
• the best players are from America
• the best poker is played only in Las Vegas

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